Tips on how to make leaf mildew to nourish your backyard

Autumn leaves supply a loose and simple strategy to make leaf mildew, an invaluable rising medium and soil improver, says Clare Wilson


14 September 2022

T4KXJ5 Mature leaf mould lifted from a leaf cage and ready for use as mulch in the garden,

Deborah Vernon/Alamy

WITH the dry summer time the United Kingdom has had, some timber are already losing their leaves. To me, that suggests something: leaf mildew. This unappealingly named substance, made by means of gathering autumn leaves and allowing them to rot for a 12 months or two, can be utilized as a rising medium and soil improver and is more straightforward to make than backyard compost.

Compost lots are an effective way to eliminate backyard and kitchen waste, however they take paintings to increase and feed with the right combination of fabrics, and turning them over may also be heavy going. Dry autumn leaves, …

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