No, local flora don’t seem to be constantly your only option for gardens

There is a tendency amongst horticulturists to want local plant species, however we should not think they’re higher, writes James Wong


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27 January 2021

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IT ISN’T an exaggeration to mention that on this planet of horticulture “local” is regularly used as a byword for “higher”. Local flora are regularly thought to be more uncomplicated to develop and higher for flora and fauna, whilst additionally being much less invasive and extra immune to pests.

This trust is so institutionalised that many native making plans regulations in the United Kingdom specify {that a} positive proportion of landscaping schemes will have to come with local species. Certainly, this conviction runs so deep that some see sharing proof on the contrary as being massively arguable, even deeply irresponsible. However accuracy is what issues, so let’s discover how smartly …

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